SyscoLabs (CakeLabs) Projects

Sysco LABS (formerly know as CAKE LABS) is a testament to technology disrupting and re-imagining industries. It is a part of Sysco, the world’s largest food service provider which serves its restaurants through their network of over 9000 Merchant Advocates across the United States and the world, building strong relationships between food growers, suppliers, and servers. With Sysco LABS, Sysco goes beyond just supplying their customers with food, and becomes a provider of next generation technology changing the food service industry forever.

During my employment at SyscoLabs, I worked as a full stack engineer (software engineer -> senior software engineer), a release coordinator and an analyst for root causes.

Throughout this time;

  • Designed and developed application modules for hardware communication, system diagnosis and supporting functionalities (e.g. iPP320, Mag-stripe readers)
  • Certified iPP320 with Leapset Gateway for EMV payments on vantiv (
  • Served in integrating chip (EMV) and contact-less transaction processing with the “Cake” Point of sales (POS) machines, and the plug and play support for payment devices.
  • Helped in integrating the new V3 hardware with existing Cake POS system along with brightness controlling to achieve a romantic ambiance in restaurants.
  • Investigated production issues and recommended solutions on; magnetic stripe reader problems, POS device boot up complications, slowness with the POS customer touch display (CTD) and so forth
  • Worked on proof of concept to remotely upgrade POS device OS from 32-bit to 64-bit (Canonical Landscape), enabling WiFi access point (hotspot) in POS machines, wireless printing and iBeacon support
  • Assisting in organizing IoT Hackthon

[Main domain technologies: JavaSE/JavaEE, Node.js, JavaScript, Maven, Sonar, FindBugs, Jenkins CIS, Junit, TestNG, PowerMock, RabbitMQ]